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I'm a Developer, Photographer & Journalist

Hey, I'm Brandon, aka SSenile. I'm a Developer, Photographer and a Journalist. I mostly develop websites, but once in awhile I take on other projects. I mostly photograph builds & nature, but I also do portraits. Finally, I'm an eSports Journalist for my very own company, Nectox. I've been in the eSports & Development scene for 5+ years. Usally most websites I do are private, but you can usally see my amazing pictures (Usually taken in/around Chicago) on my instagram or twitter. If you wish to see my articles, visit Nectox!


2014 - Present


CEO & Founder

Nectox is the leading Counter-Strike coverage site in the world with on-site coverage of all major tournaments, we feature HLTV, GOTV, demos, news, results, standings, videos, photos and much much more! Check out Nectox for all the action!

2014 - 2016



Infiniscene is a beautiful, intuitive broadcast studio powered by the cloud. Simple enough for anyone to get started in minutes. Powerful enough to take any broadcaster to the next level. There is simply nothing else like us.

2016 - Present



Raven specialise in the production of eSports jerseys for all sorts of teams around the World. What makes us different than all the other jersey companies out there? The jerseys we produce are one-of-a-kind and have been crafted for the perfect fit, quality and durability – all at an affordable price.


Northwestern Univerity

Web Development

Northwestern University (NU) is a private research university with campuses in Evanston and Chicago. Composed of twelve schools and colleges, Northwestern offers 124 undergraduate degrees and 145 graduate and professional degrees.

Class of 2016

Bloom High School

Bloom High School’s mission is to provide our students with relevant educational experiences in all academic areas while developing useful real life skills. We strive to prepare our students to maximize their potential in a multicultural global society.



Need someone to capture your Wedding? Portrait? Event? I got you covered.


With the internet getting larger every day, a website is a must. I can get you setup with a brand new website with a day!


Managing a community, website, or social media is always hard! Let me take the load off your shoulders!


With hosting compines asking for more money, its time to get yourself a dedicated server. I can setup & manage it for you!

My skills

I'm skilled within quite a few fields. I've attended college for website deisng & development and I will soon be going for photography and journalism. I'm expericned within a few other fields, but I only listed the ones I'm currently offering services for. I've taken over 10,000photos, designed and developed 153, written 284articles and managed over 20 communites!


Web Design

Web Development




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CNile is the real deal, he knows exactly what hes doing! I highly recommend him to everyone!

Tom / Blacklist Servers

I STRONGLY recommend Brandon to EVERYONE interested in purchasing photography or website development. He's amazing beyond words

Javan Barton / JVNStudios

"Just what I was looking for. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I would be lost without Brandon's Website Development."

Stu Grubbs / Infiniscene